Discussions in the Icelandic parliament about the EU issue

Geir H. Haarde, the Icelandic Foreign Minister, gave his report to the Icelandic parliament on October 17. There was a long discussion about foreign affairs in the wake of that. Among other issues discussed was Iceland's relationship with the European Union. A couple of pro-EU MPs said that Iceland should join the EU, or actually only one of them did. The other one just said that this should be looked into but wouldn't say whether she actually favoured EU membership or not. This was, however, met with a broad coalition of MP's from four parties - the Independence Party, the Left-Green Movement, the Progressive Party and the Liberal Party (there are only five parties represented in the parliament) all speaking against EU membership. This is the same way things happen everytime the few pro-EU MP's try to raise the EU issue in the Icelandic parliament - the seldom it happens.