70 percent of Icelanders would reject EU membership

The newest opinion poll in Iceland on membership of the European Union published earlier this month suggests that about 70 percent of Icelanders would vote no if a referendum was held now, up more than 8 percent since September 2009. Of those 51 percent were absolutely certain they would reject membership. At the same time only about 30 percent said they would vote yes.

The same poll also asked if people were in favour of EU membership with 60 percent saying they were not and only 24.4 percent saying they were. If those undecided are excluded the outcome is pretty much the same as in the referendum question mentioned above.

The vast majority in all social groups are opposed to EU membership whether with regard to sex, age, education, income, residense, or political affiliation with only one exception, the majority of the voters of the social democrats favour membership.

The results of the Capacent poll