No gain for Iceland in EU membership

Andrew RosindellAndrew Rosindell, British MP and vice chairman of the Conservative Party, is on a short vacation in Iceland for few days. Mr. Rosindell is also a member of a group of British MPs with special interest in the relations between Iceland and the UK called The United Kingdom Parliamentary Iceland Group. He said in an interview with reporter from the Morgunblaðið that he believed Iceland and the UK had common interests in many fields for example concerning the fish industry and the EU.

Mr. Rosindell said he hoped that the experiance the British had had from being in the EU would affect the Icelandic stand towards it. The British experiance was very bad. They realised now how the EU had devastated their fish industry. Mr Rosindell said he hoped Icelanders would keep this experiance in mind and be careful in their relations with the EU.

Mr. Rosindell furthermore said the arguments for an Icelandic membership of the EU were none to his opinion. He did not understand why this was even being debated. He simply could not see how Iceland was to gain from an EU membership.