Stoltenberg: Negotiations must result in membership

Jens StoltenbergJens Stoltenberg, the leader of Norwegian Labour Party, said in an interview with Icelandic reporters that it was clear that Norway would not enter negotiations of membership with the European Union for the third time unless it was certain it resulted in Norway joining the Union. Norwegian voters rejected membership in a referendum both in 1972 and 1994.

One of the fundamental element in the propaganda of Icelandic Europhiles is to predict on a reglular basis that the Norwegians are on a speedy way into the European Union and therefore we have to join the Union before they do. Europhiles in Iceland have practiced this for decades now. The same thing is done by Europhiles in Norway, only there they claim Iceland is on a speedy way into the Union and hence the Norwegians must join the Union before we do.

In both cases this is false. Neither country is on a speedy way into the European Union and most definately not Iceland.