Iceland's PM does not mention the EU in his keynote speech

Halldór Ásgrímsson, the new Prime Minister of Iceland, did not even mention the European Union in his first keynote speech at the starting of the Althing last monday October 4. This is regarded as to confirm his earlier statements claiming that Icelandic EU membership is not on the agenda. In fact the agreement between the two parties forming the government, Mr. Ásgrímsson's Progressive Party and the Independence Party led by Davíð Oddsson, states that EU membership is out of the question so no one expected the Prime Minister to act against that. However, as Foreign Minister Mr. Ásgrímsson was often regarded as quite positive towards the EU so many thought he would at least mention the Union in some way. But as said earlier he didn't mention it one word. This is considered to be quite a disappointment to the pro-EU movement in Iceland.

The speech by Mr. Ásgrímsson (In Icelandic)