Majority of Icelanders wants to withdraw the EU application

The majority of Icelanders want to withdraw Iceland's application to join the European Union according to a fresh opinion poll produced by Capacent Gallup for Heimssýn, the Icelandic No-movement.

51 percent favour withdrawal of the application, 38.5 percent want to carry on with it, and 10.5 percent have not made up their minds. If only those in favour or opposed to withdrawing the application are
counted about 57 percent want to withdraw it.

The question asked was: "How much are you in favour of or opposed to Iceland withdrawing its application for membership of the European Union?" The poll was carried out June 16-23 and 820 people were asked.

Meirihluti vill draga ESB-umsóknina til baka (Mbl.is June 30, 2011)