Majority against EU membership for three years

Most Icelanders have opposed joining the European Union for more than three years now according to every single opinion poll which has been published in the country regardless of who has produced it or for whom.

The newest opinion poll was published today by Capacent Gallup and according to it 57.6 percent of Icelanders are against EU membership while 27.3 percent support it. The rest is undecided. If only those in favour or opposed are measured about 68 percent ara against joining the EU and 32% in favour of the step.

Compared to the poll produced before the current poll the opposition has increased by 3.8 percent, from 53.8 percent to 57.6 percent as it is now. The support has on the other hand remained about the same. According to the poll those against EU membership are much more firm in their opinion with most supporters of joining the EU only saying the are rather much in favour.

The poll also found that large majority of the voters of all the major political parties in Iceland are opposed to EU membership except for the Social Democratic Alliance (Samfylkingin) which heads the current coalition government in Iceland and is the only political party in favour of joining the bloc. Which in turn is the sole reason why the EU application his being maintained.

The newest opinion poll in Iceland on Icelanders attitude towards the euro from earlier this year also show most Icelanders opposed to adopting it instead of the Icelandic króna and the newest poll on the nations view of the EU application shows majority in favour of withdrawing it.

Mikill meirihluti andvígur aðild að ESB (Mbl.is October 15, 2012)