Majority of Icelanders against EU membership

The results of a new poll in Iceland produced by Capacent Gallup for the think-tank Andriki shows a majority of Icelanders opposed to a membership of the European Union. Some 48.5 percent are opposed to EU membership and 34.7 percent are in favour. 16.7 percent remain undecided.

Measuring only those in favour or against some 58.3 percent oppose EU membership while 41.7 percent favour the step.

Last poll on Icelander's attitute towards EU membership was published in the beginning of May this year also by Capacent Gallup for the state radio Ríkisútvarpið showing 38.6 percent in against and 39 percent in favour.

This means that the No side has gained 10 percent since the beginning of May while the Yes side has lost more than 4 percent.

Andríki August 4, 2009
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