64 percent want the EU application withdrawn

New online poll by the radio station Bylgjan (one of the most popular in Iceland) suggests that 64 percent of those either agreeing or disagreeing want the country's application to join the European Union withdrawn. 36 percent want to proceed with it. The results of the poll were published on August 17.

Bylgjan online poll


The conservatives and liberals want to stop Iceland's accession process

The chairman of the conservative Independence Party (Sjálfstæðisflokkurinn), Bjarni Benediktsson, again stressed in a radio interview earlier this week his party's policy that Iceland's ongoing application to join the European Union should be withdrawn without delay. Asked if he would withdraw it if his party would enter govenment he replied with a firm 'yes'.

In an article in the Icelandic daily Morgunblaðið yesterday the chairman of the liberal Progressive Party (Framsóknarflokkurinn), Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, called for the EU application to be put aside and the accession negotiations stopped while the EU is sorting out its economic difficulties and it becomes clear what the outcome of that will be. His party's policy, accepted earlier this year, firmly states that Iceland's interests are best secured outside the EU.

Next general elections will be held according to schedule in the spring of 2013 if the current fragile center-left coalition government will hold onto power until then. The next government to take power in Iceland is likely to be either a coalition between the Independence Party and the Progressive Party or to involve at least one of the two parties.

According to the latest public opinion polls in Iceland the vast majority of Icelanders both oppose joining the EU and wants to withdraw the application. For over two years now all opinion polls have shown a majority against EU membership.

Vill slíta aðildarviðræðum (Mbl.is August 14, 2011)
Vill leggja ESB-umsóknina til hliðar (Mbl.is August 18, 2011)


New poll: Majority as before against EU membership

New opinion poll was published in Iceland today produced by Capacent Gallup for Heimssýn, the Icelandic No movement. According to it 64.5 percent oppose joining the European Union while 35.5 percent favour it measuring only those who either said yes or no.

In a similar poll produced by Capacent Gallup for Heimssýn in June 57.3 percent rejected EU membership while 42.7 percent favoured it. According to that opposition to joining the EU has increased this summer while support for membership has declined.

For more than two years every single opinion poll in Iceland has shown vast majority of Icelanders opposed to EU membership.

Vaxandi andstaða við aðild að ESB (Mbl.is August 11, 2011)