Ruling Left-Greens confirm EU opposition

The party council of the Icelandic political party The Left Green Movement (Vinstrihreyfingin - grænt framboð) yesterday (January 16) confirmed the party's opposition to Iceland joining the European Union. 

The Left Greens have since the foundation of the party been opposed to joining the EU but decided not to oppose an application being sent to Brussels after the general election in the spring of 2009 in order to form a government with the pro-EU Social Democratic Alliance. Since opposition to the joining the EU has grown rapidly among Icelanders with about two thirds against the move according to the latest polls. The EU application, which was only narrowly approved in the Icelandic parliament in July 2009, has also been very unpopular within the LGM. The party council is the highest authority of the LGM between national congresses.

The party council's statement reads:

"The party council confirms the opposition of the Left Green Movement to possible membership of Iceland of the European Union. Despite an application for membership has been delivered it is the outmost will of the party council that Iceland shall remain an independent state outside the EU. The party council of the Left Green Movement urges ministers, MPs and members of the Left Greens across the country to honour the party's policy to oppose membership of the EU and to fight hard for it."

This is seen as yet another token of the split between the government parties on the EU issue.

The LGM party council's statement

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