Still a majority against EU membership negotiations in Iceland

There is still a majority against applying for EU membership and starting membership negotiations among Icelanders according to the results of a new poll for the Icelandic daily Fréttablaðið published today. 54,4% are now opposed to applying while 45,6% are in favour.

This is a slightly less support for sending an application to Brussels than a month ago when 46,6% favoured that step. A month ago 53,9% were opposed to applying for EU membership.

The poll was conducted on April 7. 800 people were polled, 77,5% responded to the question asked which was: "Should Iceland apply for membership of the European Union?"

Three polls have been produced for Fréttablaðið this year on whether or not to apply for EU membership and all have shown a majority against taking that step.

Fækkar heldur sem styðja viðræður (Fréttablaðið 11/04/09)