New poll showing majority against EU membership

One more opinion poll showing majority of Icelanders opposed to joining the European Union was published today (November 5). According to the poll 54 percent of Icelanders now oppose membership while only 29 percent favour the step. 17 percent are uncertain. If those uncertain are excluded 65 percent are opposed to EU membership and 35 percent in favour.

This is the third poll in a row showing an absolute majority against EU membership. Here are the results of the three polls on the question if Iceland should join the EU or not including this one.

August 4:   No 48,5 percent   Yes 34,7 percent
September 15:   No 50,2 percent   Yes 32,7 percent
November 5:   No 54 percent   Yes 29 percent

The poll was carried out by the Research Center of Bifröst University for the TV channel Stöð 2 between September 26 and October 4. Some 859 people were polled and 65 percent responded.

Könnun: ESB yrði kolfellt í kosningum (Vísir.is November 5, 2009)

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